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CadWare S.r.l. was established in 1989 to develop products and solutions Computer Aided Design (CAD) for Personal Computer. Thanks to the know-how gained in over twenty years of experience, CadWare has been able to make available cutting-edge CAD solutions to improve the productivity of companies of all sizes. The experience gained in the corporate sector, has allowed CadWare of offering a range of products, from the first Pj2 CAD System to the current BlueCAD 2.0 which, for performance and cost, is the solution to many needs, not only of the company or professional but also for those at work or at home, professionally or as a hobby, want to make use of advanced tools for planning and design. So CadWare has provided CAD tools that have been used in projects such as the New European Parliament and the National Library of France and can, from these same tools and their evolution, make available to everyone, from the professional to the student, cutting edge products for your PC with prices very favorable.

In more recent times CadWare decided to invest his experience into a new product, BlueSol, aimed at satisfying the needs of those professionals who design photovoltaic systems. In the realization of BlueSol, CadWare has poured all the technical expertise acquired in the implementation of previous products and all knowledge of professional circles gained through years of research of software solutions that have simplified the work of many designers.

In January 2010, the CadWare has released the first version of BlueSol in Italian, suitable for the design of photovoltaic systems in Italy according to Italian law. BlueSol in Italian has been continuously improved up to version BlueSol Design 2012. From this product, consolidated and tested for years by many users, CadWare has developed the current English version, suitable for the design of photovoltaic systems located in any country in the world.

CadWare in 1995 became a partner BestTeam IBM and an IBM Business Partner. IBM has recognized the quality of BlueCAD and PJ2 CAD System: for this reason CadWare and IBM have signed in 1996 an International Vendor Logo Agreement. Later BlueCAD and PJ2 CAD System have become software solutions supported by IBM worldwide.
CadWare has developed since its foundation considerable experience in the sector of CAD (but not only).

In this area, CadWare has developed a system strongly oriented on the development of applications. BlueCAD 2.0 has been the first application based on this system. Key features of this system are:
  • Complete set of drawing features, including those of BlueCAD 2.0, available natively.
  • Easy and fast adding new features that integrate 100% with existing ones.
  • Easy integration with databases, with the possibility to enter user information directly in the drawing.
  • Ability to use the most powerful and popular development tools.

The advantages of applications based on this system compared to others are:
  • Complete set of features already available.
  • Possibility of adding new features upon customer request in a short time and reduced costs.
  • Economical solutions.
  • Proprietary system, therefore the software produced is independent from third-party.

With this system, we can then produce independent applications that can have all the features that are already built for BlueCAD 2.0, plus the additional features for which they were designed.

This system has been used to insert the CAD functionality in BlueSol, in particular in the realization of the Layout and the Electrical scheme.
CadWare is a software company whose business is in:
  • Development of standard products, as BlueCAD and BlueSol.
  • Development of extensions for BlueCAD.
  • Development of specific applications for a customer, developed on proprietary development system or on other systems, at customer's choice.
  • Development of OEM versions of BlueSol.

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